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A set of jobs whose main tasks and duties are characterised by a high degree of similarity.


ILO: ISCO-88, International Standard Classification of Occupations. International Labour Office, Geneva 1990


  • BG: професия/ занятие
  • CS: povolání
  • DE: Beschäftigung
  • EL: επάγγελμα
  • EN: occupation
  • ES: actividad profesional
  • ET: amet
  • FI: ammatti
  • FR: profession
  • GA: gairm bheatha
  • HU: foglalkozás
  • IT: professione / occupazione / impiego
  • LT: profesija
  • LV: profesija
  • MT: Impieg / Xogħol / Okkupazzjoni
  • NL: beroep
  • PL: zawód
  • PT: profissão
  • RO: ocupaţie
  • SK: povolanie
  • SL: poklic
  • SV: sysselsättning / yrke
  • NO: yrke
  • KA: პროფესია/საქმიანობა
  • UK: професія

Related Term(s)


1. Job, in the context of ISCO-08, is defined as follows: A set of tasks and duties performed or meant to be performed, by one person, including for an employer or in self employment.
2. The ISCO definition is also the one used by employment services (placement agencies).