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Migration and Home Affairs


Any mode of acquisition after birth of a nationality not previously held by the target person that requires an application by this person or their legal agent as well as an act of granting nationality by a public authority.


EUDO Online Glossary on Citizenship and Nationality


  • BG: натурализация
  • CS: nabytí občanství / naturalizace
  • DE: Einbürgerung
  • EL: πολιτογράφηση
  • EN: naturalisation
  • ES: adquisición de nacionalidad
  • ET: naturalisatsioon
  • FI: kansalaistaminen
  • FR: naturalisation
  • GA: eadóirsiú; eadóirseacht
  • HR: prirođenje
  • HU: honosítás
  • IT: naturalizzazione
  • LT: natūralizacija
  • LV: naturalizācija
  • MT: Naturalizzazzjoni
  • NL: naturalisatie; nationaliteitsverklaring (BE)
  • PL: naturalizacja
  • PT: naturalização
  • RO: obţinerea cetăţeniei / naturalizare
  • SK: naturalizácia
  • SL: naturalizacija
  • SV: naturalisation
  • NO: naturalisering
  • KA: ნატურალიზაცია
  • UK: натуралізація
  • HY: հպատակագրում

Broader Term(s)


This definition does not include automatic acquisition that is not initiated by the individual concerned or their legal agent (even in cases where the individual has an option to decline this attribution of nationality) or acquisition of nationality based on a unilateral act by the target person (e.g. acquisition by declaration or option).