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Migration and Home Affairs


A tool to bring together and analyse all the relevant information needed to develop policy in the field of migration and development and to monitor the impact of policies implemented.


Annex I, 2 (glossary) to the European Commission Communication applying the Global Approach to Migration, COM(2007) 247


  • BG: миграционен профил
  • CS: migrační profil
  • DE: Migrationsprofil
  • EL: μεταναστευτικό προφίλ / προφίλ μετανάστευσης
  • EN: migration profile
  • ES: perfil migratorio
  • ET: rändeprofiil
  • FI: muuttoprofiili
  • FR: profil migratoire
  • GA: próifíl imirce
  • HR: migracijski profil
  • HU: migrációs profil
  • IT: profilo migratorio
  • LT: migracijos profilis
  • LV: migrācijas profils
  • MT: Profil migratorju
  • NL: migratieprofiel
  • PL: profil migracyjny
  • PT: perfil migratório
  • RO: profil de migraţie
  • SK: migračný profil
  • SL: migracijski profil
  • SV: migrationsprofil
  • NO: migrasjonsprofil
  • KA: მიგრაციის პროფილი
  • UK: міграційний профіль
  • HY: միգրացիոն պրոֆիլ

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1. Migration profiles are reports on the migration situation of a country for the purpose of increasing the evidence-base for their own policy development. Such reports contain data and analysis on current migration patterns, labour market trends, remittance flows, information on diasporas and other development-related data.
2. Migration profiles have been produced by IOM and by CARIM (Consortium for Applied Research on International Migration) amongst other organisations. For more information see the description of migration profiles on the IOM website.
3. The Global Forum on Migration and Development also hosts a repository of migration profiles.
4. Migration profiles entail an analysis of the policy and practice of a state and not that of a person. In this vein, the concept should not be confused with the profiling of a ‘person’.