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Migration and Home Affairs


The determination of a person’s nationality on the basis of the nationality of their parents (or one parent or one particular parent) at the time of the target person’s birth and at the time of acquisition of nationality by the target person (the two points in time are different in cases of acquisition after birth).


EUDO Online Glossary on Citizenship and Nationality


  • BG: no translation
  • CS: ius sanguinis / právo krve
  • DE: Abstammungsprinzip / Ius sanguinis
  • EL: δίκαιο του αίματος / ius sanguinis
  • EN: ius sanguinis
  • ES: ius sanguinis
  • ET: vereõigus
  • FI: periytymisperiaate
  • FR: droit du sang
  • GA: ius sanguinis
  • HU: ius sanguinis (vér szerinti leszármazás elve)
  • IT: ius sanguinis
  • LT: kraujo teisė
  • LV: Ius sanguinis
  • MT: Ius sanguinis
  • NL: ius sanguinis / jus sanguinis / afstammingsbeginsel
  • PL: prawo krwi
  • PT: ius sanguinis
  • RO: ius sanguinis / legea sângelui
  • SK: právo krvi / ius sanguinis
  • SL: ius sanguinis
  • SV: jus sanguinis / härstamningsprincipen
  • NO: jus sanguinis / nedstammingsprinsippet
  • KA: იუს სანგვინის (ius sanguinis/„სისხლის პრინციპი“)
  • UK: ius sanguinis (право крові)


  • jus sanguinis
  • ius sanguinis

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