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Migration and Home Affairs


Approach where the European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA), the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), Europol and Eurojust work on the ground with the authorities of frontline EU Member States which are facing disproportionate migratory pressures at the EU’s external borders to help to fulfil their obligations under EU law and swiftly identify, register and fingerprint incoming migrants.


European Commission: A European Agenda on Migration


  • BG: подход за създаване на горещи точки / система за горещи точки
  • CS: přístup s využitím hotspotů
  • DE: Hotspot-Konzept; Brennpunkt-System (EU acquis)
  • EL: Σύστημα κομβικών σημείων υποδοχής / χοτ σποτ
  • EN: Hotspot Approach
  • ES: Enfoque Hotspot
  • ET: esmase vastuvõtu süsteem
  • FI: järjestelykeskus-toimintamalli
  • FR: approche des hotspots
  • GA: Cur Chuige Ball Te
  • HU: Hotspot megközelítés
  • IT: sistema basato sui punti di crisi
  • LT: migrantų antplūdžio valdymo modelis
  • LV: karsto punktu pieeja
  • MT: approċċ hotspot
  • NL: hotspot-systeem
  • PL: podejście Hotspot / system Hotspot / w kontekście wsparcia państw członkowskich, które zmagają się z presją migracyjną na granicach zewnętrznych UE
  • PT: sistema de centros de registo
  • RO: abordare hotspot
  • SK: koncepcia krízových vstupných centier a problémových oblastí (EU acquis); systém hotspotov / systém migračných hotspotov
  • SL: pristop žariščnih točk
  • SV: hotspotmetod
  • NO: helhetlig prosedyre (b); helheitleg prosedyre (n)
  • KA: ცხელი წერტილის მიდგომა
  • UK: підхід гарячих точок


  • Hotspot System

Narrower Term(s)


1. The hotspot approach was developed by the European Commission as part of the immediate action to assist EU Member States located at the external EU border and presented in the European Agenda on Migration in May 2015.
2. The operational support provided under the Hotspot Approach will concentrate on registration, identification, fingerprinting and debriefing of asylum seekers, as well as return operations. Those claiming asylum will be immediately channelled into an asylum procedure where EUAA support teams will help to process asylum applications as quickly as possible. For those who are not in need of protection, Frontex will help EU Member States by coordinating the return of irregular migrants. Europol and Eurojust will assist the host EU Member State with investigations to dismantle smuggling and trafficking networks.
3. IT and GR are the first two EU Member States where this hotspot approach is currently being implemented. Other EU Member States will also be able to benefit from the hotspot approach upon request.
4. The hotspot approach will also contribute to the implementation of the temporary relocation schemes proposed by the European Commission on 27 May and 9 September 2015: people in clear need of international protection will be identified in frontline EU Member States for relocation to other EU Member States where their asylum application will be processed.