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All work or service which is exacted from any person under the menace of any penalty and for which the said person has not offered themselves voluntarily.


Art. 2(1) of ILO Convention No. 29, 1930 (Forced Labour Convention)


  • BG: принудителен труд
  • CS: nucená práce
  • DE: Zwangsarbeit
  • EL: καταναγκαστική εργασία
  • EN: forced labour
  • ES: trabajo forzoso
  • ET: sunnitöö
  • FI: pakkotyö
  • FR: travail forcé
  • GA: obair éigeantais
  • HU: kényszermunka
  • IT: lavoro forzato
  • LT: priverstinis darbas
  • LV: piespiedu darbs
  • MT: Xogħol furzat / ta’ bilfors
  • NL: gedwongen arbeid (NL); dwangarbeid (BE)
  • PL: praca przymusowa
  • PT: trabalho forçado
  • RO: muncă forţată
  • SK: nútená práca
  • SL: prisilno delo
  • SV: tvångsarbete
  • NO: tvangsarbeid


  • compulsory labour
  • compulsory work

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