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Migration and Home Affairs

European integrated border management


National and international coordination and cooperation among all relevant authorities and agencies involved in border security and trade facilitation to establish effective, efficient and coordinated border management at the external EU borders, in order to reach the objective of open, but well controlled and secure borders.


Art. 4 of Regulation (EU) No 2016/1624 (European Border and Coast Guard Regulation)


  • BG: Европейска система за интегрирано управление на границите
  • CS: Evropská integrovaná správa hranic
  • DE: integrierte europäische Grenzverwaltung
  • EL: ολοκληρωμένη διαχείριση των εξωτερικών συνόρων 
  • EN: European integrated border management
  • ES: Gestión Europea integrada de las fronteras
  • ET: Euroopa integreeritud piirihaldus
  • FI: Euroopan yhdennetty rajavalvonta
  • FR: gestion européenne intégrée des frontières
  • GA: Bainistiú comhtháite teorainneacha san Eoraip
  • HU: európai integrált határigazgatás
  • IT: Gestione europea integrata delle frontiere
  • LT: Europos integruotas sienų valdymas
  • LV: Eiropas integrētā robežu pārvaldība
  • MT: Ġestjoni Ewropea integrata tal-fruntieri
  • NL: Europees geïntegreerd grensbeheer
  • PT: Gestão europeia integrada de Fronteiras
  • SK: Európske integrované riadenie hraníc
  • SL: Evropsko skladno upravljanje meja / ESUM
  • SV: Europeisk integrerad gränsförvaltning
  • NO: Samordnet europeisk grense grensekontroll (b); Samordna europeisk grensekontroll (n)
  • KA: ევროპის საზღვრის ინტეგრირებული მართვა
  • UK: Європейське інтегроване прикордонне управління


  • IBM

Broader Term(s)


1. The European integrated border management (IBM) aims at managing the crossing of the external borders efficiently and addressing migratory challenges and potential future threats at those borders, thereby contributing to addressing serious crime with a cross-border dimension (such as migrant smuggling, trafficking in human beings and terrorism) and ensuring a high level of internal security within the EU, while at the same time acting in full respect for fundamental rights and in a manner that safeguards the free movement of persons within the EU.
2. Art. 4 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/1624 (European Border and Coast Guard Regulation) describes the main components of the IBM: border control; prevention and detection of cross-border crime; referral of persons who are in need of, or wish to apply for, international protection ; search and rescue operations for persons in distress at sea; risk analysis for internal security and security of the external EU borders; cooperation with third countries, focusing on neighbouring countries and those which have been identified as countries of origin and/or transit for irregular migration ; return of third-country nationals who are subject of return decisions .