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Migration and Home Affairs


A synonym of ethnicity or nationality, used in some EU Member States in addition to citizenship.


Towards Harmonised European Statistics on International Migration (THESIM) project


  • BG: етническа националност
  • CS: národnost
  • DE: ethnische Zugehörigkeit
  • EL: εθνοτική καταγωγή
  • EN: ethnic nationality
  • ES: origen étnico
  • ET: rahvus
  • FI: etninen tausta
  • FR: origine ethnique
  • GA: náisiúntacht eitneach
  • HU: nemzetiség
  • IT: nazionalità etnica
  • LT: tautybė / etninė kilmė
  • LV: tautība
  • MT: Nazzjonalità etnika
  • NL: etniciteit / etnische achtergrond / etnische afkomst
  • PL: narodowość etniczna
  • PT: origem étnica
  • RO: naţionalitate etnică / origine etnică
  • SK: národnosť
  • SL: narodnost / etnična pripadnost
  • SV: tillhörighet till etnisk grupp
  • NO: etnisk tilhørighet (b); etnisk tilhøyrsle (n)
  • KA: ეთნიკური კუთვნილება
  • UK: національність


  • ethnicity
  • nationality

Related Term(s)


1. Ethnic nationality is often a self-declared adhesion to a specific ethnic group and this information is collected at a census but also sometimes in administrative registration.
2.This concept should not be confused with citizenship.