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Migration and Home Affairs


Individuals and members of networks, associations and communities, who have left their country of origin, but maintain links with their homelands.


IOM Glossary on Migration, 2nd. ed. 2011


  • BG: диаспора
  • CS: diaspora
  • DE: Diaspora
  • EL: Διασπορά
  • EN: diaspora
  • ES: diáspora
  • ET: diasporaa
  • FI: diaspora
  • FR: diaspora
  • GA: diaspóra
  • HR: dijaspora
  • HU: diaszpóra
  • IT: diaspora
  • LT: diaspora
  • LV: diaspora
  • MT: Dijaspora
  • NL: diaspora
  • PL: Diaspora
  • PT: diáspora
  • RO: diaspora
  • SK: diaspóra
  • SL: diaspora
  • SV: diaspora
  • NO: diaspora
  • KA: დიასპორა
  • UK: діаспора
  • HY: սփյուռք

Related Term(s)


1. This concept covers more settled expatriate communities, migrant workers based abroad temporarily, expatriates with the nationality of the host country, dual nationals and second-/third-generation migrants.
2. It is a general term, with no legal definition, which can also cover EU Member State nationals (and immigrants) who feel strong connections to their origins.