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Migration and Home Affairs


Person not recognised as a refugee (within the meaning of Art. 1A of the Geneva Refugee Convention and Protocol) and who is unable or, for reasons recognised as valid, unwilling to return to their country of origin or country of nationality or, if they have no nationality, to the country of their habitual residence.


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  • BG: no translation
  • CS: uprchlík de facto
  • DE: De-facto-Flüchtling
  • EL: de facto πρόσφυγας
  • EN: de facto refugee
  • ES: refugiado de facto
  • ET: de facto pagulane
  • FI: tosiasiallinen pakolainen / de facto -pakolainen
  • FR: réfugié de facto
  • GA: dídeanaí de facto
  • HU: de facto menekült
  • IT: rifugiato de facto
  • LT: de facto pabėgėlis
  • LV: de facto bēglis
  • MT: Rifuġjat(a) de facto
  • NL: de facto vluchteling
  • PL: uchodźca de facto
  • PT: refugiado de facto
  • RO: refugiat de facto
  • SK: utečenec de facto
  • SL: de facto begunec
  • SV: de facto-flykting
  • NO: de facto-flyktning
  • KA: დე ფაქტო ლტოლვილი
  • UK: біженець де факто

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1. This term is not defined in legal terms in the EU Member States.
2. In DE, this refers to a person who has not applied for asylum or whose asylum application has been rejected, but whose removal has been suspended due to concrete danger of life, body or freedom. For example, a person’s stay will be tolerated in DE on grounds of humanitarian law.