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Migration and Home Affairs


  • In the global context, a party’s duty to prove a disputed assertion or charge.
  • In the migration context, the duty of a non-national seeking entry into a foreign State to prove that they are entitled to enter and not inadmissible under the laws of that State.
  • In the context of refugee status determination procedures, the duty of the applicant to establish their case, to produce evidence that they have a well-founded fear of persecution.


Derived by EMN from the IOM Glossary on Migration, 2019.


  • BG: тежест на доказване
  • CS: důkazní břemeno
  • DE: Beweislast
  • EL: βάρος της αποδείξεως 
  • EN: burden of proof
  • ES: carga de la prueba
  • ET: tõendamiskohustus
  • FI: todistustaakka
  • FR: charge de la preuve
  • GA: dualgas cruthúnais
  • HU: bizonyítási teher
  • IT: onere della prova
  • LT: įrodinėjimo pareiga
  • LV: pierādīšanas pienākums
  • MT: Piż (Il-) tal-prova / Obbligu (L-) li jinġiebu l-provi
  • NL: bewijslast
  • PL: ciężar dowodu
  • PT: ónus da prova
  • RO: sarcina dovezii
  • SK: dôkazné bremeno
  • SL: dokazno breme
  • SV: bevisbörda
  • NO: bevisbyrde
  • KA: მტკიცების ტვირთი
  • UK: тягар доведення


1. In refugee status determination procedures, it is the applicant who has the burden of establishing the veracity of their allegations and the accuracy of the facts on which the refugee claim is based. The burden of proof is discharged by the applicant rendering a truthful account of facts relevant to the claim so that, based on the facts, a proper decision may be reached.
2. For further information see UNHCR: Note on Burden and Standard of Proof in Refugee Claims, 16 December 1998