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Migration and Home Affairs

Automated Border Control (ABC)


A system which allows for an automated border passage by authenticating an electronic machine readable travel document (e-MRTD), establishing that the passenger is the rightful holder of the document, quering border control records and automatically determining eligibility for border crossing according to pre-defined rules and which is composed of a self-service system and an e-gate.



  • BG: Автоматизиран граничен контрол
  • CS: Automatizovaná hraniční kontrola
  • DE: automatische Grenzkontrolle
  • EL: Αυτόματα συστήματα συνοριακού ελέγχου
  • EN: Automated Border Control (ABC)
  • ES: Control automatizado de fronteras
  • ET: Automatiseeritud piirikontroll
  • FI: Sähköinen / automatisoitu rajavalvonta
  • FR: contrôle automatisé aux frontières
  • GA: Rialú Uathoibrithe Teorann
  • HU: Automatizált Határellenőrzés
  • IT: Controllo automatizzato delle frontiere
  • LT: Automatizuota pasienio kontrolė
  • LV: automatizētā robežkontrole
  • MT: Sistema Awtomatizzata għall-Identifikazzjoni tal-Marki tas-Swaba' 
  • NL: geautomatiseerde grenspassage (NL) / grenscontrole (NL, BE)
  • PL: Automatyczna Kontrola Graniczna
  • PT: Controlo Automático de Fronteiras
  • RO: sistem de control automat la frontieră (ABC)
  • SK: automatizovaná hraničná kontrola
  • SL: Avtomatska mejna konrola
  • SV: automatisk gränskontroll
  • NO: automatisert grensekontroll
  • KA: ავტომატიზებული სასაზღვრო კონტროლი (ABC)
  • UK: Автоматизований прикордонний контроль (АПК)


  • ABC
  • automated border control system
  • ePassport
  • eMRTD

Broader Term(s)

Narrower Term(s)

  • e-gate
  • self-service system


1. 'Self-service system' means an automated system which performs all or some of the border checks that are applicable to a person. 'E-gate' means an infrastructure operated by electronic means where the effective crossing of an external border takes place (Art. 1 of Proposal for a Regulation amending Regulation (EU) 2016/399 (as regards the use of the Entry/Exit System) )
2. Many Schengen countries have installed ABC in their major airports, making traffic flow more effective. People who travel with an ePassport can pass through an ABC portal, where the passport is read. The traveller’s biometry is compared with the information contained in the passport, and if these correspond they may pass the border.