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Migration and Home Affairs


A third-country national who is admitted to the territory of an EU Member State to be temporarily received by a family in order to improve their linguistic skills and knowledge of the host country in exchange for light housework and taking care of children.


Art. 3 (8) of Directive (EU) 2016/801 (Recast Researchers and Students Directive)


  • BG: детегледачка
  • CS: au pair
  • DE: Au-pair
  • EL: εσωτερικός άμισθος βοηθός / au pair
  • EN: au pair
  • ES: au pair
  • ET: au pair lapsehoidja
  • FI: au pair
  • FR: au pair
  • GA: au pair
  • HU: au pair
  • IT: persona collocata alla pari
  • LT: au pair auklė
  • LV: viesaukle
  • MT: au pair
  • NL: au pair
  • PL: au pair
  • PT: au pair
  • RO: lucrator au pair
  • SK: au pair / au-pair
  • SL: varuška
  • SV: au pair
  • NO: au pair