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Migration and Home Affairs

Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)


An EU financial instrument for the period 2014 to 2020, which supports national and EU initiatives that promote the efficient management of migration flows and the implementation, strengthening and development of a common Union approach to asylum, migration and integration.



  • BG: Фонд "Убежище, миграция и интеграция"
  • CS: Azylový, migrační a integrační fond
  • DE: Asyl-, Migrations- und Integrationsfonds
  • EL: Ταμείο Ασύλου, Μετανάστευσης και Ένταξης / ΤΑΜΕ
  • EN: Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)
  • ES: Fondo de Asilo, Migración e Integración (FAMI)
  • ET: Varjupaiga-, Rände- ja Integratsioonifond
  • FI: Maahanmuutto-, turvapaikka ja kotouttamisrahasto
  • FR: Fonds Asile, migration et intégration / FAMI
  • GA: An Ciste um Thearmann, Imirce agus Lánpháirtíocht
  • HU: Menekültügyi, Migrációs és Integrációs Alap / MMIA
  • IT: Fondo Asilo, Migrazioni e Integrazione / FAMI
  • LT: Prieglobsčio, migracijos ir integracijos fondas / PMIF
  • LV: Patvēruma, migrācijas un integrācijas fonds
  • MT: Fond għall-Ażil, Migrazzjoni u Integrazzjoni
  • NL: Fonds voor Asiel, Migratie en Integratie / Asiel-, Migratie- en Integratiefonds
  • PL: fundusz Azylu, Migracji i Integracji (FAMI)
  • PT: Fundo para o asilo, a migração e a integração / FAMI
  • RO: Fondul pentru azil, migrație și integrare (FAMI)
  • SK: Fond pre azyl, migráciu a integráciu
  • SL: Sklad za azil, migracije in vključevanje
  • SV: Asyl-, migrations- och integrationsfonden
  • NO: Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (no usual translation)
  • KA: თავშესაფრის, მიგრაციისა და ინტეგრაციის ფონდი (AMIF)
  • UK: Фонд притулку, міграції та інтеграції (ФПМІ)


  • AMIF


1. AMIF was set up by the European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs, with a total of EUR 3.137 billion aiming to contribute to the achievement of the following four specific objectives:
- asylum: strengthening and developing the Common European Asylum System (CEAS);
- legal migration and integration: supporting legal migration to EU Member States in line with the labour market needs and the effective integration of non-EU nationals;
- return: enhancing fair and effective return strategies, which contribute to combating irregular migration , with an emphasis on sustainability and effectiveness of the return process;
- solidarity: making sure that EU Member States which are most affected by migration and asylum flows can count on solidarity from other EU Member States, while fully respecting the rights and principles enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.
2. The Fund also provides financial resources for the activities of the European Migration Network (EMN).
3. For further information see the AMIF webpage of DG Migration and Home Affairs.