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Migration and Home Affairs

The CERIS community is organized to reflect the priorities outlined in the ‘Civil Security for Society’ cluster of Horizon Europe, the European R&I framework programme for 2021-2027.

Border Management (BM): Aims to promote European integrated border management, including border control, risk analysis, information exchange, inter-agency cooperation, the use of state-of-the-art technology including large-scale information systems and the compliance with fundamental rights, among others.

Fight against Crime and Terrorism, including critical infrastructure protection (FCT/INFRA): aims to support prevention of crime-and/or terrorism-related incidents, their detection or mitigation of their potential consequences. This topic includes the protection of Critical Infrastructures against physical and cyberattacks, covering everything up to and including; transport, energy, healthcare, smart communities, finance, water or supply chains.

Disaster Resilient Societies (DRS): Will help to link different (international and EU) Disaster Risk Reduction policies while strengthening opportunities for transdisciplinary and trans-boundary joint efforts to organise and structure, with all the relevant actors (policymakers, scientists, practitioners, SMEs/industry, civil society).

Strengthening Security Research and Innovation (SSRI): Aims to become the designated platform to foster a more structured dialogue between all relevant market actors. It will encourages the exchange of knowledge to facilitate innovation uptake, to achieve a more competitive and resilient EU security technology and industrial base, contributing to increasing the security of supply of EU-products in critical security areas.