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Integrated solution of operating a fleet of drones


This technical report illustrates the work carried out in the first reporting period M1 – M21 (1st May 2019 – 31st January 2021) in the frame of the RESPONDONE project. This report entails a high-level summary of the work performed in order to achieve the RESPONDRONE objectives (section 1.1) and includes as well an overview of the work carried out per work package. In addition, an update on the dissemination and exploitation activities within RESPONDRONE will be provided while a detailed description and justification of deviations from the DoA during the reporting period will be presented too.
In general, the project is proceeding as planned and the project’s objectives are expected to be accomplished on time.
However, given that the COVID-19 pandemic has an impact on all aspects of life and sectors of activities at global scale, RESPONDRONE could not be an exception. The completion of some Deliverable Reports was delayed while RESPONDRONE project events (Demo-Site Visit in Corsica, France in June and table top training exercise in Thessaloniki, Greece in November) were postponed. Especially challenging is the uncertainty of the evolution of the pandemic in 2021 since it may lead to further delays for certain domains of the RESPONDRONE project, particularly events that cannot be managed remotely.

Start date
End date
2 000 000 EUR
Overall Budget
1 500 000 EUR
EU contribution
Funded by AMIF

Project details


Novel Integrated Solution of Operating a Fleet of Drones with Multiple Synchronized Missions for Disaster Responses

Project coordinator

Consortium of Lithuanian and Greek specialists on smart specialisation and knowledge hubs.