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RAN in the Western Balkans Training - Communicating with radicalised individuals


Working with radicalised individuals requires communication in order to gain trust and to work on ideological and/or behavioural change. Achieving this can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Their firm black and white world view makes it difficult to hold exchanges.

  • A first barrier is the idea of the us-them division. Mostly practitioners will initially not be considered worth talking to as they are not one of them, and –even worse– they can be seen as opponents.
  • A second obstacle is that individuals are often hiding their personality behind a shield of ideology, of how the extremist group is expecting them to (re)act. This behaviour can be part of an unconscious adaption to how interaction takes place in a radicalised group and can also be used in a more conscious way to keep people at a distance.
  • A third aspect is the strong convictions radicalised individuals have, which do not leave much room for discussion, only leaving few openings to have a meaningful conversation.
  • radicalisation
  • Thursday 18 April 2024, 08:30 - Friday 19 April 2024, 17:30 (CEST)
  • Skopje, North Macedonia
  • External event

Practical information

Thursday 18 April 2024, 08:30 - Friday 19 April 2024, 17:30 (CEST)
RAN in the Western Balkans Training
Skopje, North Macedonia
RAN Practitioners Staff