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How and for which events can EU countries request for support

EU PSA support can be requested for an event through this form. Among other details, the request should indicate which:

  • authority, police or security service
  • or public space operator (public or private)

is submitting the request to the Commission EU PSA office.

The table below indicates general events for which EU PSA support could be requested. This table does not apply for requests to assess the vulnerability of critical infrastructures.

Event categoryType of eventEU supportEvent participantsEvent's character and impact on local, regional, national, trans-border or international social, political, commercial or cultural (SPCC) activities
EU1-ISocial, Political, Commercial, CulturalYes<20 000 (or less for VVIP event)EU or international event with high SPCC importance, EU VVIP or other VIP present. International media event coverage.
EU2-TRSocial, Political, Commercial, CulturalYes<20 000EU trans-border event with impact on 2 or more EU countries and with average to high media significance and international components.
EU3-NRSocial, Political, Commercial, CulturalYes<20 000National, regional or local event with an EU significance (e.g. Schengen Christmas market).
EU4-NSocial, Political, Commercial, CulturalLimited<10 000National event with limited or no EU impact and with an average media and national significance.
EU5-RSocial, Political, Commercial, CulturalSpecial request<10 000Regional event with only regional or national significance and average media significance.

Timing of the request and potential questions

Generally, the request for EU PSA support should be made 60 days before the potential date of the mission. In certain urgent cases, or when the event is moved to a sooner date due to justifiable reasons, the decision to carry out a EU PSA mission will be done on a case-by-case basis.

If authorities or operators have any questions before submitting the official request, they may contact the EU PSA Office functional mailbox office at with the subject text “EU PSA Support Request”.

Once the support request has been submitted, the EU PSA Office will contact the authority or operator indicated to process the request.