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12 April 2024

High-Level Group (HLG) on access to data for effective law enforcement

The High-Level Group (HLG) on access to data for effective law enforcement, launched by the Commission in June 2023, and co-chaired by the Commission and the rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU explores any challenges that law enforcement practitioners in the Union face in their daily work in connection to access to data and potential solutions to overcome them, with the aim of ensuring the availability of effective law enforcement tools to fight crime and enhance public security in the digital age, in full respect of fundamental rights.


The objectives of the HLG are to:

  • Establish a collaborative and inclusive platform for stakeholders from all relevant sectors, including law enforcement, data protection experts, private sector operators, NGOs, and academia, to work towards commonly accepted solutions.
  • Formulate a strategic forward-looking vision on how to address current and anticipated challenges against the background of technological developments, enabling a comprehensive EU approach to ensure access to data for effective law enforcement.
  • Propose recommendations for the further development of Union policies to enhance and improve access to data for the purpose of effective law enforcement.


Public Consultation Meeting on 20 February 2024


The HLG will in principle meet four times at plenary level.

1st meeting on 19 June 2023:

2nd meeting on 21 November 2023:

3rd meeting on 1 March 2024:

Working Groups

The HLG is supported by technical sub-groups (‘working groups’) to enable deeper discussions on specific topics in a more restricted format.


For questions about the HLG and its activities, you can reach us at the following email address: EC-HLG-GOING-DARKatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (EC-HLG-GOING-DARK[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu).