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News article8 December 2022Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs1 min read

CERIS FCT workshop: EU-funded projects on preventing radicalisation - Synergies and Insights

CERIS FCT workshop EU-funded projects on preventing radicalisation

On Tuesday 29 November, DG HOME, together with DG RTD and REA, organised a CERIS workshop, which brought together almost 140 participants, including practitioners, policy makers and researchers. Together we were identifying and discussing relevant outcomes of projects related to radicalisation. The debate was split into four themes: radicalisation drivers and policy responses, resilience tools and prevention methods, role of religions and ideologies, and geographical factors and approaches.

As the workshop aimed at sharing research findings, formulating policy expectations, and providing feedback for all milieus involved, the physical format of the meeting was crucial, creating a forum for lively exchanges, informal networking and in-depth analysis of the most burning issues.

Nicolas Bessot, Head of Unit of Innovation and Security Research in DG HOME opening the event noticed the complexity of the radicalisation phenomena, which on the one hand requires cooperation of numerous policy makers represented on that day by DG HOME, DG NEAR, DG INTPA, DG JUST, Office of the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator (EU CTC), as well as a few national representatives, on the other hand involvement of research stakeholders, NGOs, and practitioners.

As the research on radicalisation was the axis of the meeting, some 30 EU funded projects from Horizon 2020 (Societal Challenge 6 and 7) and the Internal Security Fund were invited to share their perspectives. The debate could not accommodate all projects to take speaker roles in the panels, thus fruitful discussions continued during the breaks, already on site resulting in identification of synergies, potential for sharing raw research data, and suggestions and evidence for future policies in this area. For the purpose of this event, a brochure with the most recent, and relevant research projects together with the workshop`s presentations has been prepared.

CERIS FCT workshop EU-funded projects on preventing radicalisation

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8 December 2022
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs