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Migration and Home Affairs


A concept that encompasses all activities aimed at obtaining full respect for the rights of the individual in accordance with the letter and spirit of human rights, refugee and international humanitarian law.


UNHCR Master Glossary of Terms


  • BG: закрила
  • CS: ochrana
  • DE: Schutz
  • EL: προστασία
  • EN: protection
  • ES: protección
  • ET: kaitse
  • FI: suojelu
  • FR: protection
  • GA: cosaint
  • HU: védelem
  • HR: zaštita
  • IT: protezione
  • LT: apsauga
  • LV: aizsardzība
  • MT: Protezzjoni / Ħarsien
  • NL: bescherming
  • PL: ochrona
  • PT: protecção
  • RO: protecţie
  • SK: ochrana
  • SL: zaščita
  • SV: skydd
  • NO: beskyttelse (b); vern (n)
  • KA: დაცვა
  • UK: захист
  • HY: պաշտպանություն

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Protection involves creating an environment conducive to respect for human beings, preventing and / or alleviating the immediate effects of a specific pattern of abuse, and restoring dignified conditions of life through reparation, restitution and rehabilitation.