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Migration and Home Affairs


A quota established for and by the country, normally for the purposes of labour migration, for the entry of immigrants .


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  • BG: имиграционна квота
  • CS: imigrační kvóta
  • DE: Zuwanderungsquote / Einwanderungsquote
  • EL: ποσόστωση εισόδου μεταναστών
  • EN: immigration quota
  • ES: cuota de inmigración
  • ET: sisserände piirarv
  • FI: maahanmuuttokiintiö
  • FR: quota d’immigration
  • GA: cuóta inimirce
  • HU: bevándorlási kvóta
  • IT: quota (per immigrati)
  • LT: imigracijos kvota
  • LV: imigrācijas kvota
  • MT: Kwota ta’ immigrazzjoni
  • NL: immigratiequota
  • PL: kwota imigracyjna
  • PT: quota de imigração
  • RO: cotă de imigraţie
  • SK: prisťahovalecká kvóta / imigračná kvóta
  • SL: kvota za priseljevanje
  • SV: invandringskvot
  • NO: innvandringskvote

Broader Term(s)


In the EU context , such quotas are primarily used for third-country nationals only.