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Migration and Home Affairs


Any means by which the situation of refugees can be satisfactorily and permanently resolved to enable them to live normal lives.


UNHCR Master Glossary of Terms


  • BG: трайни решения
  • CS: trvalé řešení
  • DE: dauerhafte Lösung
  • EL: βιώσιμες λύσεις
  • EN: durable solutions
  • ES: soluciones duraderas
  • ET: püsivad lahendused
  • FI: kestävät ratkaisut
  • FR: solutions durables
  • GA: buanréitigh; réitigh mharthanacha (uatha: buanréiteach; réiteach marthanach)
  • HR: trajna rješenja
  • HU: a fenntarthatóságot szolgáló intézkedések
  • IT: soluzioni durevoli
  • LT: ilgalaikiai sprendimai
  • LV: ilgtspējīgi risinājumi
  • MT: Soluzzjonijiet dewwiema / li jibqgħu fis-seħħ
  • NL: duurzame oplossing
  • PL: trwałe rozwiązania
  • PT: soluções duradouras
  • RO: solutii durabile
  • SK: trvalé riešenia / trvácne riešenia (depending on the context)
  • SL: trajne rešitve
  • SV: hållbara lösningar
  • NO: varige løsninger (b); varige løysingar (n)
  • KA: (პრობლემის) გრძელვადიანი გადაწყვეტა
  • UK: довгострокові рішення
  • HY: կայուն լուծումներ

Related Term(s)


1. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) traditionally focuses on the protection of refugees and pursues the durable solutions of voluntary repatriation into the country of origin, local integration into the host country and resettlement to a safe third country.
2. Voluntary repatriation/return of refugees into their country of origin, in safety and dignity, is based on their free will and an informed decision.
3. Local integration is aiming at providing the refugee with the permanent right to stay in the country of asylum. It follows the formal granting of refugee status by the country of asylum. In the EU context, the right to stay is temporary depending on the protection status (refugee status at least three years, subsidiary protection status at least one year).
4. Resettlement to a third country involves the assisted transfer of refugees from the country in which they have sought asylum to a safe third country that has agreed to admit them as refugees. This can be for permanent settlement or limited to a certain number of years. It is the third durable solution and it can only be considered once the two other solutions have proved impossible.
5. The European Union uses the concept of 'durable solution' in a narrower context. The EU resettlement framework provides for safe and legal pathways to the EU for vulnerable refugees whose need for international protection has been recognised and facilitates resettlement as a durable solution to those refugees that have no opportunity for voluntary return or local integration in the country of first asylum. For further information see European Commission: Communication on the managed entry in the EU of persons in need of international protection and the enhancement of the protection capacity of the regions of origin; 'improving access to durable solutions', COM(2004) 410.