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Migration and Home Affairs


A policy aimed at the ensuring of harmonious interaction among people and groups with plural, varied and dynamic cultural identities as well as their willingness to live together.


Art. 2 of UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity.


  • BG: културен плурализъм
  • CS: kulturní pluralismus
  • DE: kultureller Pluralismus
  • EL: πολιτιστικός πλουραλισμός
  • EN: cultural pluralism
  • ES: pluralismo cultural
  • ET: kultuuride paljusus
  • FI: kulttuurinen monimuotoisuus
  • FR: pluralisme culturel
  • GA: iolrachas cultúrtha
  • HR: kulturni pluralizam
  • HU: kulturális sokszínűség
  • IT: pluralismo culturale
  • LT: kultūrinis pliuralizmas
  • LV: kultūras plurālisms
  • MT: Pluraliżmu kulturali
  • NL: cultureel pluralisme
  • PL: pluralizm kulturowy
  • PT: pluralismo cultural
  • RO: pluralism cultural
  • SK: kultúrny pluralizmus
  • SL: kulturni pluralizem
  • SV: kulturell pluralism
  • NO: kulturell pluralisme
  • KA: კულტურული პლურალიზმი
  • UK: культурний плюралізм
  • HY: մշակութային բազմակարծություն

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1. According to the UNESCO definition, policies for the inclusion and participation of all citizens are guarantees of social cohesion, the vitality of civil society and peace. Thus defined, cultural pluralism gives policy expression to the reality of cultural diversity.
2. See also the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of Cultural Expressions, 2005