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Migration and Home Affairs

Asylum, Migration and Integration fund (2014-2020)

Achieving the key objectives

The largest share of the total amount of the AMIF (approximately 88%) will be channeled through shared management. EU States will implement their multiannual National Programmes, covering the whole period 2014-20. These programmes are prepared, implemented, monitored and evaluated by the responsible authorities in EU States, in partnership with the relevant stakeholders in the field, including the civil society.

Around 11% of the funding under shared management will be allocated for Specific Actions (implemented under the national programmes of EU States, but responding to specific Union priorities) and to support the Union Resettlement Programme.

The remaining 12% of the total amount will be divided between Union actions and Emergency assistance, to be implemented through direct management, in the framework of annual work programmes.

Concrete actions to be funded through this instrument can include a wide range of initiatives, such as the improvement of accommodation and reception services for asylum seekers, information measures and campaigns in non-EU countries on legal migration channels, education and language training for non-EU nationals, assistance to vulnerable persons belonging to the target groups of AMIF, information exchange and cooperation between EU States and training for staff on relevant topics of AMIF.

The fund's beneficiaries

All EU States except Denmark participate in the implementation of this Fund. Examples of beneficiaries of the programmes implemented under this Fund can be state and federal authorities, local public bodies, non-governmental organisations, humanitarian organisations, private and public law companies and education and research organisations.

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Union actions

Union actions of the Asylum, Migration and Integration fund include Calls for Proposals, Procurement, Direct Awards and Delegation Agreements.