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Migration and Home Affairs

Labour Migration Platform

Actions and work

The new Labour Migration Platform brings together the Commission and representatives from Member States specialising in migration and employment policy to foster close cooperation between the two sectors, as well as between Member States and the EU to support effective operationalisation of EU-level initiatives on legal migration and employment.


    The platform has been set up to advance labour migration from third countries to the EU and to ensure that it is well-managed and targeted to where the labour and skills needs are.


    The Labour Migration Platform will meet on a regular basis to enhance cooperation and progress in the area of labour migration to the EU. Depending on the topics discussed, relevant experts and organisations will be asked to join in addition to Commission and Member States' representatives. The aim will be to learn from each other and advancing together.

    The next meeting will be held 21-22 June, 2023. The one and a half day event will feature insightful sessions and discussions related to the upcoming EU Talent Pool.



    For questions on the Labour Migration Platform and its activities, the email address to contact is HOME-NOTIFICATIONS-C2atec [dot] europa [dot] eu (HOME-NOTIFICATIONS-C2[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)