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Migration and Home Affairs


Action of persons (EU nationals or legally resident third-country nationals ) undertaking their right to free movement by moving from one EU Member State to another.


Derived by EMN from the definition of ‘right to free movement’ in the EMN Glossary


  • BG: движение в рамките на ЕС
  • CS: mobilita v rámci EU
  • DE: EU-Binnenmobilität
  • EL: κινητικότητα στο εσωτερικό της ΕΕ/ ενδοκοινοτική κινητικότητα
  • EN: intra-EU mobility
  • ES: movilidad intracomunitaria
  • ET: Euroopa Liidu sisene liikuvus
  • FI: EU: n sisäinen liikkuvuus
  • FR: mobilité intra-UE
  • GA: gluaisteacht san AE
  • HU: EU-n belüli mobilitás
  • IT: mobilità intra-UE
  • LT: judumas ES viduje
  • LV: ES iekšējā mobilitāte
  • MT: Intramobbiltà fl-UE
  • NL: mobiliteit binnen de EU
  • PL: mobilność wewnątrzunijna
  • PT: mobilidade intra-UE
  • RO: mobilitate intra UE
  • SK: mobilita v rámci Európskej únie / mobilita v rámci EÚ
  • SL: mobilnost znotraj EU
  • SV: EU-intern rörlighet
  • NO: mobilitet mellom EUs medlemsland
  • KA: მობილობა ევროკავშირის ფარგლებში
  • UK: мобільність у межах ЄС


  • EU mobility
  • free movement
  • intra EU / EFTA-mobility
  • Inter-EU migration
  • Intra-EU migration
  • third-country national mobility

Broader Term(s)


1. Free movement / intra-EU mobility is available under two different schemes. The first scheme is a very open one and applicable to EU citizens who benefit from full freedom of movement. The second scheme concerns migrant workers . Rules applicable here are less generous and limited to specific categories of third-country nationals, i.e. long-term residents , highly skilled workers, researchers and students .
2. Through separate agreements between the EU and IS, LI, NO and CH, the same rights to free movement apply to their citizens and their territories.