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Migration and Home Affairs


A consultative forum of more than 50 governments from the wider European region and ten international organisations, which aims to promote good governance in the field of migration, to develop comprehensive and sustainable systems for orderly migration and to exchange information and best practices on a wide range of migration issues (legal migration, irregular migration, asylum, visa, border management, trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants, readmission and return).



  • BG: Будапещенски процес
  • CS: Budapešťský proces
  • DE: Budapest-Prozess
  • EL: Διαδικασία της Βουδαπέστης
  • EN: Budapest Process
  • ES: Proceso de Budapest
  • ET: Budapesti protsess
  • FI: Budapestin prosessi
  • FR: Processus de Budapest
  • GA: Próiseas Bhúdaipeist
  • HU: Budapest Folyamat
  • IT: Processo di Budapest
  • LT: Budapešto procesas
  • LV: Budapeštas process
  • MT: Proċess (Il-) ta’ Budapest
  • NL: Boedapest proces
  • PL: Proces Budapeszteński
  • PT: Processo de Budapeste
  • RO: Procesul Budapesta
  • SK: Budapeštiansky proces
  • SL: Budimpeštanski proces
  • SV: Budapestprocessen
  • NO: Budapest-prosessen
  • KA: ბუდაპეშტის პროცესი
  • UK: Будапештський процес

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1. The Budapest Process was initiated by DE in 1991.
2. Through this dialogue, the Process promotes a harmonised approach in dealing with irregular migration challenges and support for the transfer and common understanding of migration concepts and policies.
3. For more information see the website of the Budapest Process