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Migration and Home Affairs


A form of protection given by a State on its territory, based on the principle of non-refoulement and internationally or nationally recognised refugee rights and which is granted to a person who is unable to seek protection in their country of citizenship and / or residence, in particular for fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.


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  • BG: убежище
  • CS: azyl
  • DE: Asyl
  • EL: άσυλο
  • EN: asylum
  • ES: asilo
  • ET: varjupaik
  • FI: turvapaikka
  • FR: asile
  • GA: tearmann
  • HU: menedékjog
  • IT: asilo
  • LT: prieglobstis
  • LV: patvērums
  • MT: Ażil
  • NL: asiel
  • PL: azyl
  • PT: asilo
  • RO: azil
  • SK: azyl
  • SL: azil
  • SV: asyl
  • NO: asyl
  • KA: თავშესაფარი
  • UK: притулок

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The literal translation of this term in Bulgarian (the word ‘убежище’) refers to a specific kind of protection which is granted by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria and differs from the protection granted on the basis of the Geneva Refugee Convention and Protocol.