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EU civil security market segmentation model

The market segmentation model can be used to better understand dynamics and trends on the European civil security market, based on data collected as part of this study. It allows the user to conduct thorough analyses on the demand and the supply side and develop an understanding of its characteristics, evolution as well as dependencies.

An interactive tool  facilitates navigation and interaction with the data from the model, using different lenses and filters. These lenses and filters are based on the market segmentation rationale and Security Taxonomy, developed throughout the study, and allow a structural analysis of the European civil security market from different perspectives, including an overview by security area, industry, supplier, geography, product or service type, value, or over time.

Note: The market segmentation model was created through the collection, refinement, cleansing and analysis of procurement and R&I data within scope of the study. The relevant data was collected through exchanges with points of contact from Member States and EU funds, web scraping exercises (e.g., open data portals at EU and national levels) and stakeholder consultations. The collected data was subsequently cleansed and processed in accordance with the scope of the study. Subsequently, the data was structured according to the market segmentation rationale and Security Taxonomy defined within the study. Qualitative data was also gathered through different activities including scoping interviews, surveys and desk research.