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Migration and Home Affairs

Ex-post evaluation of the four instruments under the General Programme “Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows” (SOLID)

Date of roadmaps: September/ October 2015

The General Programme “Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows” (SOLID) consists of four instruments: External Borders Fund (EBF), European Return Fund (RF), European Refugee Fund (ERF) and European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals (EIF). For the period 2007-13, almost EUR 4 billion was allocated for the management of the Union's external borders and for the implementation of common asylum and immigration policies through this General Programme.

The ex-post evaluation of these four instruments aims at:

  • meeting the legal obligations for evaluation and reporting;
  • ensuring transparency and accountability for the implementation of the four instruments;
  • contributing to making the future implementation of EU financial instruments in the fields of border controls and visas, return, asylum and integration of third-country nationals more relevant, effective, efficient, sustainable and coherent.

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