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News article5 June 2024Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs1 min read

EU Internet Forum welcomes new members to tackle harmful and illegal content online

The visual portrays a shady individual holding a smartphone, against a dark digital background that shows the dangers and depth of the digital sphere.

On 4 June, the EU Internet Forum (EUIF) met to increase its membership base. Its new members – Amazon, SoundCloud, Mistral AI, DailyMotion, and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a civil society organisation – joined the 17 digital companies of the Forum, as well as representatives of EU countries, institutions, and agencies, the Global Internet Forum on Counter-Terrorism and the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Centre, to address the challenges posed by harmful and illegal content online.

Preserving the internet from illegal and harmful content is essential to fight terrorists, criminal groups, child aggressors and other groups involved in malicious and illegal activities. Throughout this mandate, the European Commission has implemented the Security Union Strategy, its Counter-Terrorism Agenda and the EU Strategy to tackle Organised Crime. This approach has allowed the adoption of concrete measures to fight terrorism in all its forms, both online and offline.

In particular, the Commission has been working towards a safer internet and has adopted various initiatives in this area, including the Terrorist Content Online Regulation. The Digital Services Act requires platforms to put in place measures that stop illegal content from disseminating online. The Commission has thus launched several formal procedures under the Digital Services Act related to concerns about illegal content, notably against X and Meta.

The Commission continues to work with digital companies in the frame of the EU Internet Forum, to tackle the misuse of the internet by violent extremists and terrorists. The EU Internet Forum, launched by the Commission in December 2015, addresses the misuse of the internet for violent extremist and terrorist purposes, child sexual abuse online, drug trafficking and trafficking in human beings online. It has been instrumental in developing concrete guidance and tools and has taken forward several initiatives to tackle harmful and illegal content online.

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5 June 2024
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs