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Migration and Home Affairs

RAN Policy Support

Members of RAN Policy Support

RAN Policy Support gathers members from both the public and private sector, think tanks, academia, and civil society organisations to provide policy-makers with the best available information and analysis on P/CVE and related topics.

To support these policy-makers, RAN Policy Support brings together a wide community of EU researchers as well as extra-EU research institutes and networks active in P/CVE. This large network enables the exchange of more information and complementary research findings, with the goal of effectively informing the policy-making process within the EU and beyond.

Main activities and areas of work

RAN Policy Support is committed to informing policy-makers with evidence-based data and analysis in priority areas defined by Member States, such as:

  • violent extremist ideologies (both online and offline)
  • polarisation in local communities
  • the management of foreign terrorist fighters and their families
  • radicalisation in prisons
  • rehabilitation of ex-offenders

This entails the following knowledge-generating and capacity-building activities:

  • ad-hoc papers and consolidated overviews
  • training programmes and study visits
  • workshops and thematic research events
  • strategic communication in critical P/CVE areas

RAN Policy Support manages a restricted collaborative platform for policymakers and researchers with details of the above described activities.  

Other resources, including an e-library and the EU research community on radicalisation, reinforce and foster interdisciplinary partnerships and exchanges among its members.

The EC Research e-Library on Radicalisation is a searchable online database of research on the topic of radicalisation and/or relevant to the prevention of radicalisation. It should work towards the two aims of strengthening researcher exchange and facilitating/increasing researcher-policymaker interactions.