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RAN Practitioners Update 105 | December 2022

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In this issue of the RAN Practitioners Update we take a look at some of the work of two RAN Practitioners’ Working Groups, namely the Youth & Education (Y&E) Working Group and the RAN Rehabilitation Working Group. In this Update we feature the latest Spotlight publication, on ‘Schools and education’, the latest episode of RAN Reporters, which visits an organisation doing exit work in Finland, and a case study of a training programme for those working with children and young people. If you would like to find out more about these Working Groups and what they have been up to in 2022 you can go to the RAN website, where you can access some of the latest papers and products that they have produced.


Working Group

The RAN Youth and Education (Y&E) Working Group welcomes a new Working Group lead – Jan Christer Mattsson, Director of the Segerstedt Institute and a Senior Lecturer in Pedagogy, in the Department of Education, Communication and Learning, at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Alongside Jean-Philippe Fons he will lead the RAN Y&E Working Group, which focuses on the need to better equip teachers and youth workers to support them in their role in preventing radicalisation and on strengthening cooperation between the two sectors.

You can read more about the Working Group here.


The University of Helsinki has recently developed a new training programme for professionals who work with young people at risk of radicalisation in Finland. The programme, which is being implemented by the University, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior – as part of the Finnish National Action Plan for P/CVE – is designed to increase awareness of radicalisation in education settings and give advice on how to engage those being radicalised and intervene. If you would like to learn more about the programme you can contact the programme lead here.


Working Group

Recent years have seen an increase in the number of offenders convicted of terrorism related offences across the EU as well of those convicted of other offenses, but radicalised in prison. Though a small proportion of the total prison population, the rehabilitation, reintegration and even risk management of these offenders presents a number of challenges, both during their time in prison and beyond. The RAN Rehabilitation Working Group brings together intervention providers and exit workers, working inside and outside of prisons, to discuss solutions to some of these challenges.

You can read more about the Working Group here.


A paper, published by RAN Practitioners in May 2022, entitled ‘The role of civil society organisations in exit work’, discusses the importance of multi-agency work and collaboration between governments and civil society in exit work. The paper provides a comprehensive overview of the different functions and characteristics of CSO-led exit interventions in the EU and summarises challenges, lessons learned and inspiring practices.

You can read the paper in full here.

Upcoming Events

For more information on all planned meetings over the coming months of 2022 please go to the RAN Practitioners website.


Gender-specificity in practical P/CVE

A recent paper takes stock of the work done by RAN Practitioners in 2021 on gender and P/CVE. The paper introduces the idea of gender specificity in the context of P/CVE, based on current literature and academic debate, and explores how this conceptual understanding has evolved. The paper then considers how gender was discussed at a practical level in specific activities in 2021, and provides an overview of the key takeaways from these activities.

Read more.

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RAN Practitioners Update 105 | December 2022