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Migration and Home Affairs

person with a migratory background


A person who has:
(a) migrated into their present country of residence; and / or
(b) previously had a different nationality from their present country of residence; and / or
(c) at least one of their parents previously entered their present country of residence as a migrant.


Derived by EMN from paragraphs 360-368 in the UN Economic Commission for Europe: Recommendations for the 2010 Censuses of Population and Housing, 2010


  • BG: лице с миграционен произход
  • CS: osoba s migračním původem
  • DE: Person mit Migrationshintergrund
  • EL: άτομο με μεταναστευτική καταγωγή
  • EN: person with a migratory background
  • ES: persona de origen migratorio
  • ET: rändetaustaga isik
  • FI: maahanmuuttajataustainen henkilö
  • FR: personne issue de l’immigration
  • GA: duine ag a bhfuil cúlra imirceach
  • HU: migrációs háttérű személy
  • IT: persona con un background migratorio
  • LT: asmuo, kilęs iš migrantų šeimos arba asmuo, gyvenantis ne savo kilmės valstybėje
  • LV: persona ar migrācijas pieredzi
  • MT: Persuna bi storja ta’ migrazzjoni warajha
  • NL: persoon met een migratieachtergrond
  • PL: osoba z przeszłością migracyjną
  • PT: pessoa com antecedentes migratórios
  • RO: persoană cu trecut migraţionist
  • SK: osoba s migrantským pôvodom
  • SL: oseba z migracijskim ozadjem
  • SV: person med invandrarbakgrund
  • NO: person med innvandrerbakgrunn (b); person med innvandrarbakgrunn (n)
  • KA: მიგრაციული წარსულის მქონე პირი
  • UK: особа з мігрантським походженням


  • person in a migratory context
  • person of migrant origin

Narrower Term(s)


1. This is a broad definition which aims to encompass all possibilities for a person who has undertaken a migration at some point and/or has parents who did so.
2. Point (a) can also include a national of the country of residence who previously lived elsewhere and then returned to their country of nationality.