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Migration and Home Affairs


A European Union Network for asylum practitioners providing a forum for the exchange of country of origin information (COI), best practices and a variety of policy-related matters among EU Member States, asylum adjudicators and the European Commission, which aims to improve and maximise convergence on approaches to, and assessment of, the protection needs of asylum seekers.


European Commission Staff Working Document SEC(2006) 189 - Annex C to the Communication from the Commission on strengthened practical cooperation COM(2006) 67 final


  • BG: Евроазил
  • CS: Eurasil
  • DE: Netzwerk für Asylpraktiker der Europäischen Union / Eurasil
  • EL: το δίκτυο EURASIL της ΕΕ για τους ασχολούμενους με το άσυλο
  • EN: Eurasil
  • ES: Eurasil
  • ET: Eurasil
  • FI: Eurasil
  • FR: Eurasil
  • GA: Eurasil
  • HR: Eurasil
  • HU: Eurasil
  • IT: Eurasil
  • LT: Eurasil
  • LV: Eurasil
  • MT: Eurasil
  • NL: Eurasil
  • PL: Eurasil
  • PT: Eurasil
  • RO: Eurasil
  • SK: Eurasil
  • SL: Eurasil
  • SV: Eurasil
  • NO: Eurasil
  • KA: ევრასილი (Eurasil)
  • UK: Eurasil
  • KA: ევრასილი (Eurasil)
  • UK: Eurasil
  • HY: ԵՄ-ի EURASIL ցանցը ապաստանի հարցերով զբաղվող մասնագետների համար

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1. Eurasil was established by the European Commission in July 2002 following the decision of the Committee of the Permanent Representatives (Coreper II) on 6 March to cease the activities of the CIREA group Centre for Information, Discussion and Exchange on the Crossing of Frontiers and Immigration (CIREFI) .
2. EURASIL meetings were attended by representatives of the national ministries and asylum authorities of the EU Member States, as well as of CH, NO and IS. Depending on the topics of the meeting, international organisations such as United Nations High Commissior for Refugees (UNHCR) or International Organization for Migration (IOM) attended Eurasil as external experts.
3. With the establishment of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) , EASO has taken over responsibility for Eurasil and further developed EURASIL activities (EASO Practical Cooperation).