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Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network (CIWIN)

The set-up of the Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network (CIWIN) is one of the measures foreseen to facilitate the implementation of the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP). In October 2008, the European Commission issued a Proposal for a Council decision on a Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network (CIWIN). The proposal aimed at assisting Member States and the European Commission to exchange information on shared threats, vulnerabilities and appropriate measures and strategies to mitigate risk in support of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP).

The CIWIN network has been developed as a Commission owned protected public internet based information and communication system, offering recognised members of the EU’s CIP community the opportunity to exchange and discuss CIP-related information, studies and/or good practices across all EU Member States and in all relevant sectors of economic activity. The CIWIN portal, following its prototype and pilot phases, has been up and running since mid-January 2013.

DG HOME coordinates all activities relating to CIWIN and nominates the content manager of CIWIN. DG HOME consults the representatives of Member States – the CIP Points of Contact – on strategic issues related to CIWIN. The CIP Point of Contact of the Member State nominates a CIWIN Executive and Support Officer who provide assistance to the European Commission in the context of the use and development of the CIWIN system.