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RAN High-Level Conference, online meeting, 12 October 2021

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2021 m. gruodžio 9 d.
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Multi-agency cooperation


Every two years, the Radicalisation Awareness Network High-Level Conference on radicalisation (RAN HLC) provides a unique opportunity to facilitate exchange between a broad range of P/CVE stakeholders from across the EU.

Marking the network’s 10th anniversary, the 2021 RAN HLC offered an occasion to reflect on the achievements of the past decade while also looking to the future, discussing ways forward in terms of effectively tackling the emerging challenges of radicalisation towards violent extremism and terrorism.

Participants at the 2021 RAN HLC included representatives from the European Commission and the Member States, such as ministers and high-ranking officials. The conference also gathered first-line practitioners, researchers, policymakers, as well as other experts.

As a hybrid event, the HLC took place in Brussels, Belgium as well as online, bringing together nearly 300 participants.

This document summarises the outcomes on the main issues discussed: the network’s evolution, current challenges, emerging threats and narratives, as well as the future development of the network.

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2021 M. GRUODŽIO 9 D.
RAN High-Level Conference
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