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Peer and Self Review Manual for Exit Work, January 2020


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25 June 2020
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs
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Exit work is an important element of strategies for preventing and countering violent extremism. Both in the interest of a safe society, as well as for those who are radicalised and their environment, good and sustainable support is essential.

Facilitating exit processes is time consuming, demands well-trained first-line practitioners and involvement of relevant stakeholders and is, therefore, expensive. A heightened interest to identify and perform effective and state-of-the-art exit work is being felt not just by the general public, commissioning governments and funding bodies.

The same applies for organisations that are delivering exit work as well as their practitioners, who are committed to delivering quality results for the participants of their programme and for society as a whole. This Peer/Self Review Manual has been developed to facilitate the process of improving exit work and assessing its impact.

By looking at the work of colleagues or one’s own work in a structured way, practitioners can identify potential for improvement, the need for innovation or adaptation to the current/emerging challenges, and/or see whether the initial rationale behind the work is still being respected in daily practice, or if it should be adjusted.

Peer and Self Review Manual for Exit Work cover


26 MAY 2021
Peer and Self Review Manual for Exit Work
(761.63 KB - PDF)