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Preventing terrorism – new rules on the marketing and use of high-risk chemicals

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The main stakeholders identified are:

  1. members of the general public who purchase certain chemicals for legitimate non-professional activities;
  2. professional users;
  3. businesses in the chemical industry/supply chain such as producers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, online marketplaces, and retailers (including SMEs);
  4. Member State authorities, law-enforcement authorities and customs authorities; and
  5. academia.

Kāpēc tiek rīkota apspriešana

The consultation will aim to gather views on:

  1. better defining the problem and the current market situation;
  2. alternative ways of regulating/controlling access to high-risk chemicals;
  3. the scope for harmonising national rules on high-risk chemicals; and
  4. the possible pros and cons of a new legislative framework.

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