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Migration and Home Affairs
Konferenciák és csúcstalálkozók

Six months into applying the Temporary Protection Directive – Lessons learned and shared experiences

The Temporary Protection Directive, which was adopted following the conflicts in former Yugoslavia, was triggered for the first time by the Council of the EU in response to the unprecedented Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022.

This conference will give EMN Member and Observer States the opportunity to share the experiences they gained with applying the Temporary Protection Directive. Synthesising the lessons learned, ways on how to move forward will be discussed.

October 13, 2022

Panel 1: Institutional responses by the EU to the Ukrainian crisis

Panel 2: Experiences of States that border Ukraine with applying the Temporary Protection Directive or similar instruments

Panel 3: Experiences of States that do not immediately border Ukraine with secondary movements when applying the Temporary Protection Directive

Evening: Social Programme for speakers and conference participants

October 14, 2022

Workshop 1: Talent pool with respect to Ukrainian Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection

Workshop 2: IT transfer tool for voluntary relocation

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