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RAN FC&S - How to empower parents to make their children more emotionally resilient against extremist influences?

Lunch to Lunch meeting

For this RAN meeting of the Families, Communities & Social Care Working Group, we are presently looking for P/CVE practitioners working with parents, such as social workers and community workers who support families.

Practitioners who can provide concrete examples from daily practice, who experience challenges with this topic and/or who have solutions for these challenges, are invited to respond to this call.

Background of the meeting

While trying to meet expectations in a challenging society, children may be dealing with questions surrounding their identity, such as: “Who am I?” and “Where do I belong?”. They may try to find answers to these questions with their parents, teachers and peers, but also on the internet.

In their search for identity they can experience anger, injustice, sadness and more, and come across extremist ideologies. Support and control from parents are potentially important tools to use to steer a potential radicalisation process. Research shows however, that parents feel uncertain about how to react when their children move toward extreme ideologies and would like to have tools to prevent radicalisation (Sikkens et al., 2018). For example, questions that parents encounter are: What to do when their child comes home with extreme ideas? How should they respond to difficult questions? How should they respond when their child experiences injustices, anger or loneliness? How could they contribute to positive identity development of their child and help them deal with emotions? It is therefore helpful to provide parents with professional support to discuss extreme ideas or difficult emotions with their children and offer alternative perspectives.

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  • Rome, Italy
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Rome, Italy
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