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RAN C&N - What’s going on online? Emerging trends and developments in the online landscape of radicalisation and polarisation

This is a face-to-face meeting that will take place in Helsinki, Finland on 10 and 11 November 2022.

A crucial change is underway driven by new technological possibilities: reality (or at least the perception thereof) is becoming increasingly less stable, and potential for manipulation is on the rise (Kalpokas, 2021). As Kalpokas (2021) puts it: “While previously the media used to perform a somewhat supplementary role, building onto the ‘real’ world and conveying or explaining it, with varying degrees of fidelity, the current and near future condition is characterized by the media hosting and creating the world that they intend to merely represent”. Technology now affords increasingly sophisticated ways to produce a ‘synthetic’ reality, with the clearest example being deep fakes.

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  • Helsinki, Finland
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Helsinki, Finland
RAN Practitioners Staff