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RAN C&N - How to respond to disinformation in public communications from the perspective of frontline practitioners

This is an online meeting (via WebEx) that takes place on Monday 27 March (13.30-16.30 CEST) and Wednesday 29 March (13.30-16.30 CEST) 2023.

Disinformation is a ‘hot topic’, especially around the current Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, anti-government/anti-authorities sentiments and accelerationist narratives. This meeting will explore how the (online) street-knowledge of first line practitioners can be used to improve public communications  to combat mis- or disinformation. For example, it is important to determine who the target audience is, and frontline practitioners have unique insights into this. It is therefore relevant for practitioners to be advising public communications around ways to handle disinformation.

For the RAN Practitioners C&N Working Group meeting on ‘How to respond to disinformation in public communications from the perspective of frontline practitioners’ we are looking for first-line practitioners and strategic communication experts.

Target group

For this meeting we are looking for:

  • Practitioners from the C&N constituency who are experienced in dealing with disinformation, promoting media literacy, counter- and alternative narrative campaigns and communications.
  • Frontline practitioners with ‘street-level knowledge’, i.e. working with P/CVE in youth work, education or social work.
  • Experts on strategic communications from the perspective of (local and national) authorities (like government and police).
  • radicalisation
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Informations pratiques

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