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Cross-cutting Thematic Event - The impact of the Russian war of agression against Ukraine on P/CVE

Aim and background

The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine since February 2022 has immensely impacted not only Ukraine but European societies with issues ranging from migration to energy crisis and inflation, and from the spread of disinformation to the general feeling of instability and uncertainty.  

The involvement of individuals from EU Member States with violent extremist backgrounds in the war could also present potential challenges once these individuals return to their home countries. Adding a layer of complexity, the long-term aftereffects related to the inherent violence of the war also impact those European citizens who joined the conflict but without ties to violent extremism. Similarly, the short-, mid- and long-term consequences of smear campaigns against Ukrainian refugees, pervasive Russian disinformation and propaganda attempts aiming at undermining public acceptance of EU support for Ukraine, and extremist narratives surrounding the war lead to increased polarisation within society which also severely impacts P/CVE dynamics in Europe.  In this regard, a significant aspect to be considered is the growing relevance of pro- and anti-Russian narratives and mobilisation in the local European right-wing extremist (RWE) scenes characterised by a growing divide among RWE actors and their position on the war.

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  • Brussels, Belgium
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Practical information

Cross-cutting Thematic Event
Brussels, Belgium
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