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CERIS Workshop: “Methods and examples of piloting and validation of innovative border management solutions”

Event - Challenges and opportunities for SMEs and start-ups in EU security R&I

Piloting and validation of innovative solutions for border management is important for the uptake of results of successful research and innovation, and for making sure that innovative solutions and systems can be used for needed capabilities, including respect and promotion of fundamental rights.

This CERIS Workshop aims to discuss methodological approaches, successes and challenges for piloting and validation of innovative border management solutions; share experiences on piloting and validation; identify features of piloting and validation at different TRLs; and define relevant recommendations. Activities at both research and innovation levels will be presented.

The Workshop can be primarily interesting for CERIS participants from the practitioners and end-users communities who want to learn about, share on, or plan piloting and validation experiences; as well as innovators from the private sector and civil society. In view of interesting and dynamic exchanges we are looking forward to your participation.

This event will be also video streamed to registered participants. Registered participants can join physically at the event’s venue or follow through a WebEx link.

26 JANEIRO 2023
CERIS BM workshop agenda
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  • security research
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  • Brussels, Belgium

Informação prática

Le Bouche à Oreille
Rue Felix Hap 11, 1040 Brussels, Belgium