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Migration and Home Affairs

Our aim is to protect, support and empower victims.

Child sexual abuse can give victims lifelong traumas. If a child receives the right help at the right time, they can go on to thrive. That is why the legislation stresses timely and adequate support. Support for victims will also be an important task of the proposed EU centre to prevent and combat child sexual abuse.

The centre will bring experts together to learn from each other what works and what doesn’t to support victims.  The centre will carry out research to support evidence-based policy on helping and supporting victims.

The EU centre will also help victims to take down images and videos of their abuse from the Internet. Pictures and videos can still be online years after the abuse is over. This adds to the victims’ trauma and invades their privacy. The centre will proactively search materials online and notify companies to take it down.

The EU centre will set up an online platform where victims can find  support that may be available where they live or online.

Learn more about the EU centre to prevent and combat child sexual abuse.