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Spotlight on Digital Challenges


The Covid-19 pandemic has been a seismic global event that has caused devastating social and economic disruption, impacting communities and individuals across Europe. As a result, the pandemic has brought about a rapid pace of change, both to the way that we live and the way that we work. Perhaps most noticeably, and significantly, it has instigated an unprecedented digital transformation.

This digital transformation has shaped the way in which we all interact and socialise with one another and given new opportunities for how we do our work. The last year has seen the adoption, en masse, of new digital technologies. Whilst these technologies have enabled us to keep in touch with one another, to work and to be entertained, they have also presented a new set of challenges.

These technologies have given terrorists and extremists, who are often pioneers and innovators in the digital space, new opportunities to adopt and adapt them to radicalise and recruit. Most notably, in Europe, people have observed the recent digital recruitment tactics of violent right wing extremist (VRWE) groups.

Not only are people accessing more extremist content online, including conspiracy narratives, but they can now more easily be targeted by terrorists and extremists in online chat rooms, gaming platforms and other open and dark spaces online. Yet again, terrorists and extremists have introduced innovations faster than we have been able to respond, and as a result, have grown their digital advantage.

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26 MAY 2021
Spotlight on Digital Challenges | April 2021
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