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Migration and Home Affairs

Security Research Event 2019 - Exhibition

Terrorist content online



The project aims to design and disseminate an online campaign including videos and in particular a video game structured along binary decisions. The action focuses on frames, individual roles and decisions in a sophisticated and modular way by de-constructing extremist frames and challenging extremist roles. DECOUNT illustrates the consequences of extremist choices and the possible alternatives; it produces actual alternative frames and solutions to everyday problems.



VOX-Pol is a partnering, research, training, and dissemination network that has as its core function comprehensive research, analysis, debate, and critique of topics in and issues surrounding violent online political extremism, and responses to it.

Border Security



MESMERISE provides two complementary technologies for improved and fast detection of smuggled items like drugs, explosives or weapons.Able to work in non-divest condition increases the respect for privacy and intimacy avoiding explicit images.



PROFILE develops and tests modern data analytics tools with a view to improving Customs risk management techniques; while incorporating new and open data sources, including logistics big data, and product values accessible on e-commerce sites.

Artificial Intelligence



ASGARD aims to build an active and sustainable community of practitioners (LEA, industry, research) which goal is to help LEAs increase their technological autonomy by delivering every 6 months and following open source principles new tools.



The AviaTor project develops intelligence tools to reduce the time spent by LEAs on investigating online child sexual abuse material. These tools combine artificial intelligence, to classify imagery, with targeted online research capabilities.



FeatureCloud is a novel artificial intelligence (AI) platform, based on a ground-breaking new cloud infrastructure to integrate local AI globally without the need for any transfer of primary medical data – totally anonymous by default.


Smart Digital Agency

Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) digitalization program. Key areas of development are automation of business processes (application handling and decision making), intelligent self-service and ingtelligent work management. The automation part aims to have fully automated selected application processes in the future using RPA with the support of AI. Self-service part includes electronic services and chat/voice bots connected to backend systems. Intelligent work management will transform the current application processes to efficient human-machine collaboration processes.

Disaster risk management



ANYWHERE is a user-driven innovation action designed to empower exposed responder institutions and citizens to enhance their anticipation and pro-active response capacity in the face of high-impact weather and climate events. The ANYWHERE pan-European Multi-Hazard platform translates meteorological forecasts into impact early warnings and feeds into the A4EU decision support system. The full chain, including self-protection support, is being operationally tested for one year by civil protection authorities in different European countries.



HEIMDALL aims to provide an integrated tool for disaster management (primarily involving landslides, floods, and wildfires) by addressing the needs of the involved first responders in terms of interoperability and inter-organisational coordination.



INPREP aims to prepare responders better, so more lives can be saved during natural disasters and crises. The principal goal is to improve collaborative response planning. To do so, IN-PREP is trialling a new training platform for CP agencies and first responders. It is an end-to-end, interoperable Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform featuring a multiplicity of modules to support dynamic scenario building, disaster-modelling, multi-agency command & control and sharing of the operational picture. Agencies using IN-PREP will be able to plan, train and collaborate better than even before.



ROCSAFE will improve how Chemical, Biological, and Radiation/Nuclear incidents are assessed, and help protect lives of crime scene investigators, by using robotics, sensors, and AI, so humans do not need to enter dangerous scenes to gather evidence.



Toxi-Triage project aims at accelerated and improved relief and delivery of situational awareness in an operational environment of CBRNE emergencies and natural hazards. It produces new rapid tools for the detection and traceability of CBRN threats, triage and individual monitoring of victims through the whole casualty journey of patients.
The project’s final field exercise FTX Disperse was carried out with TIC scenario with simulated chlorine in Mikkeli, Finland in May 2019 by the lead of South-Savo Regional Fire Service together with other security authorities and all technology providers of the project. In October 2018 FTX Focus was carried out with CWA scenario with simulated sarin in Athens, Greece with the lead of Hellenic Ministry of Defence together with military personnel and technology providers of the project. All Finnish partners of Toxi-Triage, South-Savo Regional Fire Service (SSAV) with briefing of FTX Disperse, University of Helsinki/Verifin (UH) with ToolBox, University of Jyväskylä (JYU) with Hyperspectral CBRNE detection and Environics (EOY) with ChemPro C- and RanidFly R/N detection methods are present in SRE2019 in Helsinki, Finland.

Hybrid Threat


Hybrid influencing and the city

Helsinki in the era of hybrid threats

Cities are responsible for providing channels for influencing while, also, playing a role in reacting to various hybrid threats. Aware of this, the City of Helsinki commissioned Helsinki in the era of hybrid threats project. The purpose of the produced report is to provide knowledge of hybrid influencing.



The Inequalities, Interventions, and New Welfare State (INVEST) aims at increasing wellbeing of Finnish society during childhood, youth and early adulthood and preventing psychosocial risks compromising such development through innovative interventions. Based on cutting-edge research on the conditions and mechanisms involved at different periods of development, INVEST will evaluate and develop various universal and targeted interventions to improve the efficiency of the current welfare state institutions at critical points of the early life course. INVEST aims at providing a new model for the welfare states that is more equal, better targeted to problem groups, more anticipatory as well as economically and socially sustainable. INVEST is a Academy of Finland Flagship.



TUOVI is a multi-disciplinary digital collaboration platform aimed at professionals planning, researching and creating policy for security and safety issues in the Finnish context. It is a combination of social media, knowledge-sharing database and news services.