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Innovation and security research

Today’s security threats are evolving fast, complex, and often cross-border in nature. Such threats can only be dealt with through a collective response between EU countries within an efficient Security Union in Europe.

EU security research is one of the building blocks of the Security Union. It supports innovation and knowledge that are crucial for developing capabilities to address:

  • today's security challenges
  • anticipating tomorrow's threats

contributing to a more competitive European security industry.

To illustrate the purpose and importance of this field of research, DG HOME has worked with DG RTD to produce a factsheet on the impact of security research as well as some of the future challenges and current issues, such as market uptake of research outcomes.

DG HOME releases factsheet on the importance of security research

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The Commission published a staff working document titled “Enhancing security through research and innovation”. The document promotes a capability driven approach towards civil security, moving from a reactive approach towards foresight, prevention and preparedness among security practitioners.